Essex Golden Retrievers Agreement

If buyer decides for any reason that he/she cannot keep their Essex Golden Retriever puppy, we MUST be notified and given first right of refusal to obtain said Retriever.

In the event that an Essex Golden Retriever dog is suspected of having hereditary defect, this is the procedure to follow:

  1. Notify us by telephone or email.
  2. Submit hip or elbow x-rays to OFA (We do NOT honor or support Penn Hip readings-AKC only recognizes the OFA as a registry). We also require that you send us a copy of the x-ray, or send us a copy of the ophthalmologist eye exam, or other test results.

If the dog cannot obtain a normal hip, elbow, or eye certification, or has a hereditary problem precluding it to be nonfunctional, then to qualify for a replacement:

  1. The dog must be returned to us in good health or the dog must be put to sleep by your veterinarian, and a letter from him/her stating that he/she has done so, must be sent to us.
  2. The dog’s registration certificate must be returned to us, signing ownership back to us.

The entire purchase price of any dog covered by this agreement may be applied to a puppy from an Essex Golden Retriever litter. Essex shall determine the breeding, pup selection, and availability of the same-sex replacement pup. Sorry, we do not provide refunds.

To be covered by our Agreement:

  1. The dog must have Essex as the Prefix of his AKC registered name.
  2. The dog must be owned by the original buyer as stated on the Bill of Sale and not changed owners.
  3. The dog must not have whelped or sired a litter.
  4. The dog must be under 26 months of age.
  5. The dog must be on Platinum Performance Canine until 24 months of age.

If you opt to keep the dog, we require a Veterinarian’s written proof of neutering. The dog’s registration certificate must be returned, signing ownership over to us. Following these procedures, you are entitled to another Essex Golden Retriever puppy for one-half the current purchase price. Seller does NOT pay veterinary fees, surgeries, or any other associated costs such as shipping, OFA fees etc.

Essex is dedicated to breeding quality Golden Retrievers devoid of established hereditary genetic defects such as hip, elbow dysplasia, and eye defects. The above criteria and stipulations of the agreement serve to protect the integrity of the Essex Golden Retriever breeding program and is ultimately for the betterment of Golden Retrievers.

I have read and understand the above and agree to abide by same.

Buyer’s Signature_____________________________________Date_______________

Seller’s Signature_____________________________________Date_______________


Download the Essex Golden Retrievers Agreement as a PDF